Environmental disaster awaits Shillong


As a concerned citizen of Shillong, I am shocked to learn that the State Government is planning to cut down trees and to deforest the Shillong Peak for the purpose of constructing a link road from Laitkor to Malki and for construction of the approach road to the Shillong View Point. It may kindly be noted that the water sources located at Shillong Peak are generating more than 18 million litres of water per day and localities like Lawsohtun, Laban, Lumparing, Kenches Trace, Rilbong, Bishnupur are heavily dependent on the water generated from the Shillong Peak. The water from Shillong Peak is also supplied up to Jaiaw area and the quality of the water is far better than that supplied by the PHE from Mawphlang. I’m sure that if the road construction project is implemented the Shillong Peak (U Lum Shillong) will become barren and we will not be able to find beautiful greens in the peak area. The scenic beauty of Shillong will be a past glory; all water sources will dry up and citizens of Shillong will face tremendous water shortage. Besides this, many other ill effects will take place which will be disastrous to the environment.

Therefore, I would request the citizens of Shillong and those organizations that care for Shillong and those who work for saving the environment to oppose the idea tooth and nail, not to allow such foolish and disastrous initiatives of the Government to take place.

Yours etc.,

Havenly Lyngdoh


NEHU’s marking system lacks transparency


Everyone understands that an educational institution exists because of the students who are enrolled in it. Without them, the institution would merely be a useless concrete structure. Any university, therefore, and NEHU in particular must make students’ interest paramount if it wants to maintain its credibility. My particular issue is with the evaluation system of NEHU.

Of late, there has been a lot of resentment among the students of different departments of NEHU regarding the marks they have obtained in their semester exams and the complete lack of transparency of the University insofar as the standard and accuracy of evaluation is concerned. The majority of the students in NEHU across departments are from the MBOSE system and many of these students have taken advantage of the provision of MBOSE to provide photocopies of evaluated answer scripts on demand, for a fee. This provision by MBOSE speaks volumes about the confidence the Board has in its evaluation system and thereby has won the confidence of the students who go through the system as well. Why can’t NEHU be as transparent and be able to provide photocopies of evaluated answer scripts? Logistics cannot be an excuse. Moreover, in today’s world of increased accountability, this is the right of the students.

I humble request NEHU authorities to be more transparent and keep the interest of students above all else. Marks affect a person’s future and cannot be taken lightly.

Yours etc.,

  1. Marbaniang


Suspension bridge over Kyrshar river


I am greatly perturbed and dismayed to learn from media reports that the beautiful suspension bridge over river Kyrshai in West Khasi Hills is in a decrepit condition and is waiting to snap any time soon. This 400 meter suspension bridge is made of iron cables and  connects Ukiam village with Kyrshai village in Meghalaya. This is a beautiful picnic spot and thousands of people from Assam and Meghalaya flock to this spot for outings and picnics every day, especially in the winter months. This bridge is the main connecting link in the area between Kamrup district, Assam and West Khasi Hills District and the nearby villages which commute daily through this bridge are Kyrshai, Ukiam, Nongspung, Umbah, Dariphang, Kalimara, Mawdangngop, Umthli, Umkhamdol, Warigrow, Doledongnga etc. If this bridge snaps then there is no way to connect the two major areas because the river is wide and deep. It is learnt that this bridge was constructed during the early days when (Late) Hopingstone Lyngdoh was the MLA of Nongstoin constituency. If this bridge is snaps there will be a huge loss to the people of the area in terms of connectivity. I appeal to the MLA and MDC of Rambrai – Jyrngam constituency to ensure that the suspension bridge is immediately repaired so that it continues to be the lifeline and  communication link in the area.

 Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,


Mamata’s TMC rattled


The recent victory of the BJP in West Bengal has created immense political leverage for the Party. The resultant impact is that two TMC MLAs, one CPM MLA and as many as fifty councillors are ready to join the BJP. It may be recalled that Modi had stated that if his party came to power, then more MLAs from the TMC would join the BJP and TMC would be reduced to nothing. This is beginning to take shape in Bengal much to Mamata’s chagrin. If things have started positively for the BJP immediately after the elections results were declared then how many MLAs would desert Mamata and the TMC in the future is a big question that should give the lady sleepless nights.

We have seen and heard enough about the animosity of Mamata towards Modi. She ridiculed him and mocked him many times in the past and each jibe at him became a bouquet. The final Modi-Mamata fall out is causing much embarrassment in the TMC camp as more MLAs are just biding their time to cross over. How Mamata is going to tackle this situation is being watched curiously by all.

Yours etc.,

T K Nandanan,

Kochi -15

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