Demonstration and distribution of animal disease diagnostic kits

SHILLONG: A demonstration of 17 animal disease diagnostic kits assembled and developed under the DBT-ADMAC project was held at Division of Animal Health, ICAR RC NEH Region, Umiam in Ri Bhoi on Monday and Tuesday.
The kits were developed with combined efforts of regional partners like College of Veterinary Sciences (CVSc), Khanapara, Guwahati (Core lab-I), ICAR RC NEH, Umiam (Core lab-II) and CVSc, Mizoram (Core lab-III) along with national partners viz., National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases (ICAR-NISHAD), Bhopal; ICAR-NRC on Equine, Hissar, National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (ICAR-NIVEDI), Bangalore and National Research Centre on Pig, Rani.
The project was conceptualised for five years starting August, 2014 for development and transferring of animal disease diagnostic kits and technologies to the NER state Animal Disease diagnostic Laboratories. After enormous efforts the project came into implementation this year.
The NE Veterinary diagnostics wings participated in the programme; they were briefed about the utility of these diagnostics kits and were given hands on training. They were also provided with a comprehensive diagnostic package consisting of all these 17 kits for validation at their respective laboratory so that they can be used in future.

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