KJBWA yet to take a decision to withdraw strike

 Having met the Minister in charge of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department, Prestone Tynsong, the Khasi Jaintia Butchers Welfare Association (KJBWA) will solicit the opinions of fellow association members to withdraw the strike.

It may be mentioned that the strike of Khasi Jaintia Butchers Welfare Association (KJBWA) started on June 7 last since when they have stopped selling beef.

Speaking to reporters after meeting the Minister, president of the association, Generous Warlarpih said the decision to call for a strike was taken unanimously and so will be the decision to withdraw the strike.

He added that a decision would likely to be taken within 1-2 days.

The issue of cattle smuggling in Bangladesh was also discussed with Tynsong wherein Warlarpih said the cattle smuggling had affected the earning of the beef traders.

Tynsong assured the association that cattle smuggling would be detected and also to address some other grievances of the association.

It may be mentioned that Warlarpih recently said the association suspected that the smugglers who are mostly local people, carry a certificate showing health check-up of the cattle everyday whereas health checks are carried out only once a week for cattle that have been transported from other states.

Speaking about the recent assault on the members, he said the association members made a surprise inspection to monitor whether any of the association members violated the strike.

“It is our very own people and we will look into this seriously. We did not know that this will happen,” Warlarpih said. 

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