State atheletes get Rs 3.95 paise per day

SHILLONG: In what can be termed as alarming, the state atheletes are receiving Rs 3.95 paise per day.
This was revealed by the Vice president of the Meghalaya Olympic Association, Ian Khongman on Thursday who felt that the situation needs a paradigm shift if the state is to win any medals in the upcoming 2022 National Games.
He said that the they have apprised the Chief Minister about grant in aid given to several association yearly which comes down to Rs 3.94 paise per athlete per day. 
“We wanted to apprise the Chief Minister through our presentation that with this Rs 3.94 paise per athelete a day we cannot achieve podium finish and is next to impossible to get medals”. Elaborating further about their meeting with the Chief Minister, he said that  they have also discussed about the need to set up right infrastructure for the athletes.“
Be it the BCCI or states that are doing well in sports, they are athelete centric, “ he said.Pointing  out that the state does not have benchmark, he said that  one of the benchmark is also to have annual Meghalaya games where they find out the best athletes going up to 2022  National games.
He also pointed out that the team preparation committe  is also yet to be constituted which is very important for the national games.

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