Huge cache of explosives, liquor seized in Manipur village

GUWAHATI: In a swift action by Assam Rifles, huge cache of explosives were seized from village Vengnoum South, in Churachandpur District on Tuesday. 

These explosives could have been used by the insurgent groups to make IEDs for use against civilians and security forces. Based on specific input, columns of Assam Rifles raided village Vengnoum South, Churachandpur in Manipur and seized a huge cache of explosives which included 190 explosive sticks, 62 detonators and 145 cases of illicit liquor from a resident of the village.

 It is suspected that the individual is involved in selling explosives, preparation of fake documents and liquor permits. The individual, explosives and illicit liquor have been handed over to the Churachandpur Police, Manipur for further investigation.

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