Upper Assam specialty teas continue to impress at auctions

 “Golden Butterfly” orthodox variety sells for record Rs 75,000 a kg

GUWAHATI: Specialty teas from Upper Assam continue to raise the value bar and break records at the auctions with a kilogram of “Golden Butterfly” orthodox tea from the Rossell Tea-owned Dikom Tea Estate selling for Rs 75,000 at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre here on Tuesday.

Dikom Butterfly specialty tea.

This is the highest price a kilogram of tea has fetched at the auctions after teas from two other Dibrugarh-based gardens, Maijan and Manohari, were knocked for Rs 70501 and Rs 50,000 per kg last month.

The orthodox teas of Dikom are unique and known the world over for its tippy, bright and malty varieties.

“History has been created again at GTAC today. Auctioneer, J. Thomas and Company sold the tea to one of the oldest tea shops in Guwahati, Assam Tea Traders who purchased it for their customers. They have bought a lot of specialty tea in the past auctions at record prices,” Dinesh Bihani Secretary Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers Association, said.

Bihan further said that the auction centre has established itself as a platform where “records are meant to be broken and history meant to be re-written”

“GTAC is giving an opportunity to all the sellers who want to sell their teas at remunerative prices. The best teas are always in good demand and the buyers are always ready to pay a handsome price. The auction centre is now a world recognized tea hub for quality and specialty teas,” he said.

Sources said the tea is named Golden Butterfly because only the soft golden tips go into making this exceptionally rare and special tea.
In the evenings, the exclusive tea bushes witness a fleet of butterflies and hence the name reflects the meticulous care and attention to crop husbandry in Dikom’s tea fields.
“An exotic tea is judged by its aroma, taste and colour this tea is characterised by extremely mellow and sweet caramel flavour that matches the exoticness it deserves,” says Lalit Kumar Jalan, proprietor of Assam Tea Traders.
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