Pathology of the Earth

Earth is another form of man
Its body composed of 71 per cent liquid,
Rocks and stones are the bony frame work
Covered by the integumentary system of soil.
Oceans formed the heart
And trees are the lungs.
Humans and every organism are
the cells and tissues,
working autonomously.

Earth is exhibiting various diseases
Man’s greed is the etiology,
He lost the suppressor cells
resulting hatreds and civil wars.
Dumped garbages on roads and drains
are causing atherosclerosis;
Industrialisation, urbanisation and
are causing inflammation, edema,
asthma and other clinical problems.

Earth is God’s beautiful creation,
now suffering from fatal illness.
Though disease prognosis is poor,
Yet we still have a cure.
The only doctor is ‘you’
saving her is saving generations.

Esra Syiem

The rebirth

If human resurgence, recurring to live again;
A crawl to steadily walk, fall to feel the pain;
Sensible parents, free of means, less of fame;
And a liberal faith, the prefix of a native name.

I would kneel to beseech, a vigorous
atmosphere; where my belief to survive,
without at all to fear; from alpha to omega,
aye uncountable creatures; human’s greed to impede, of habitually in nature.

Neighbourhood where God to provide a gasp of air; Creator do bestow thy blessings,
for thou shall care; noble teach me humanity, be penitent when wrong; admiringly to sing with praise, that enthusiastic song.

For some they bring in, as if to drag into their graves; that some to meet both ends,
sweat the pits of slaves; would search then nay comfort, a compassion to lend;
Slog the upward life, not awaiting,
heaven to descend.

Sonny L Khyriem

A tribute to my mother

’Tis a bright autumn morning
Golden sunbeas at the casement touch
With face so bright; a radiance smile,
She looked at me
Bad dream she had that night, she said;
What dream is it, she could not say.
As darkness came upon her life
Like a flickering light, without a smile:
She neither speaks nor cries.

On this bright autumn morning
An eclipse covers the sunbeams of my heart
With darkness that can never be erased.
Great change came on our happy lives
When all hopes gone and she half-lived.
My heart breaks to see her stage
She lived this way for a few more months
To strengthen my heart, to handle the dark,
To embrace loneliness without a tear
As she travels the journey of her long goodbye.

Then on the twilight of the evening dusk
Towards the end of May,
She fought her life’s last war with pain
A flood for tears filled my grieving heart
To see her suffer, and on God’s wish I do submit
As she slowly leaves her mortal dress
She looked at me, her one last look
With glimmering eyes and closed forever.
And there she crosses the river Jordan
To lead the eternal life forever.
So there goes my loving mom, my angel and my friend.

Farahbell Sahkhar

We lost in the night

A robe of silence seizes the night
When we lost in ourselves.
Tiring zeal resurrects in forming dreams
at the remnants of your smile.
Knitting my love in your bosom
when you widen your curly locks.
Life is the lost page of my hopes
When you colour its language.
I know not how you design it
But I know to guess your pale dreams
when come in the rain.

Dreams sets in my heart
when moonlight encysts the clouds.
Have you seen the copulation of a river
when every ripples dance at the banks.

I desire to lose in your metaphysics
where poems compose for destruction.
Be the sea to flow my love in the lost water where every drop of water
gets price.

Parthajit Borah

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