Eulogy to lithe missile man

A legend immortalised to eternity,
Lead his life with utmost morality,
Graced us with all his warmth and
That calls for respect of highest sanctity.
Overwhelmed by the sight of birds in flight,
Delighted he jumped, as he found his mission for life.
Chased it passionately with his grit to strive,
And scaled countless heights overcoming numerous barriers and tides.
A scholar for life, replete with
knowledge in abundance,
Application of which helped this nation rise to prominence.
An ideal mentor for minds, so young and aspiring,
Must restore his legacy as the nation keeps progressing.
Above and beyond, his graceful
demean our,
Lay his heart with the strength of an
The missiles he developed says
all about his prowess and calibre,
To shield us from evil forces and be
triumphant forever.
Classrooms and libraries, furnished with his stack of books,
Comprises anecdotes of al his hardships and truths
An ideal motivation for students by and large, from humble roots
Who must revere his upright stature and gentle looks.
Words of his wisdom reverberating in the chambers of ours heart,
Distinguished by his erudition, which stands class apart.
Perplexities of his imagination, made lucid by his narration,
Leaves us spellbound as we listen to him with devotion.
Time stands still as the nation mourns for his demise,
Reminiscing the deeds of his
selflessness and sacrifice.
Laid to rest as we uphold his might
and glory,
He enlightens us from the heavens,
exuding his brilliance and majesty.

Amlan Kumar Bhowmick


I do not fall from distant heavens
In the shape of drops on this wretched earth; But my tears roll down on
surface hard,
And shine as raindrops in a new birth;

My life is transient without any base,
Yet I radiate the joy abounding;
My inner self is enchanting
Reflecting the vibes of pulsating life;
Length of life means nothing to me,
But life with substance is what I like;

Life of human beings on earth,
Is quite akin to the raindrops falling;
We ruin our lives on trivial things,
And don’t take heed to nature’s calling.

Rakesh Chandra

My idiosyncrasies

I caused the bush of my idiosyncrasies to thicken amidst difficult paths of my life.
(This is not my version;
But the people said so.)
Not that I was unaware.
However, I dreamed of its embracing shadow; in which I might sleep unhindered at intervals,
After travelling a short but arduous journey
Out of the Grand March of my life.
And I was still absorbed in dreaming
When my dreams were branded as idiosyncrasies!
I couldn’t be deterred by the trauma.
All my powers centered in making my dreams a reality
I worked hard, the harder, and then hardest
My whole self was immersed in infinite pains; I was cut off from society
From relatives and from friends
The label of “unwanted” got stuck to me.

And during the process,
To my astonishment,
I found myself branded as prig!
At last the day dawned
When my dreams were not dreams
But reality.
Before me was lying
The sprawling shadow of the bushes
Which I caused to grow
With the aid of my blood and sweat.
I was busy devouring mentally the fruits of my labour
When to my bewilderment
I found myself branded as great!

Rakesh Chandra

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