AIMIM not in favour of land: Owaisi

Hyderabad: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday said his party is not in favour of the five acres of land to be allocated for building a mosque under the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya issue as the fight was for a legal right and Babri Masjid.
“…I speak for my party,we do not want this ‘khairat’ (donation or charity). Our fight was for a legal right, for a Babri Masjid. Our fight was not for, to get this piece of land…,” he told reporters here.
He was asked about the comments of some Muslim leaders that the five acre land allotted should be given within the 67 acres acquired by the government. The whole struggle for so many years was not for a piece of land, he said. “…why did we have this patience so much. We went to the court, if it was a piece of land we could have accepted it somewhere else. But, from last 50 years, we have been fighting this case in a court of law with all the patience,” he said.
The RSS raised a bogey that a temple was demolished, but Supreme Court ruled otherwise, he claimed. He reiterated his claim that the country is going on the path of “Hindu Rashtra”. “… how attempts are being made to make Muslims in Imdia as second class citizens. Keep watching. Political disempowerment is happening. Nobody can deny this..bring NRC, citizen amendment bill, what message you are giving. My regret is that all the secular parties, their mouths are shut,” he said.
He asked why the Congress, NCP, BSP and others are silent and that the silence needs to be broken. (PTI) 

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