Govt takes steps to clean Wahumkhrah river

SHILLONG: Urban and Municipal Affairs Minister Hamlet Dohling said that the department has asked for a sanction of Rs 27 lakh to clean up another 3 km stretch of river Wahumkhrah.
The minister informed that he is seeking funds from the state government again to clean up Wahumkhrah and the second phase of clean-up will start provided the funds are available.
The river was cleaned up by the Shillong Municipal Board in December but it is again choked with garbage and filth. The river turned into a cesspool where it also emanated foul smell in certain pockets.
He said the previous clean up of the river was carried out with Rs 16 lakh and the department will seek another Rs 27 lakh to clean up the river again. The last time, a stretch of 1.5 km was cleaned.
“Our job is to clean up the river steadily and it is the responsibility of the people to keep it clean and there has to be cooperation on the part of the people as well”, he said.
When asked about the residents who discharge waste from their homes directly into the river, the Minister said that if found, the violators will be penalised. Dohling said, “We will not be soft towards them especially those who discharge waste directly into the river”.
He added that the Dorbar Shnong has to work together and urged the traditional body to bring about cleanliness especially of the river.
He said, “We want to bring back the pristine clear waters of the Wahumkhrah as in the olden days”.
Various initiatives were taken to clean the river which has turned into a cesspool with every passing day. In 2013, the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) had launched the ‘Clean Wahumkhrah Mission’ by organising a cleaning drive along the river at Umkaliar.

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