Nongstoin market reopens

NONGSTOIN: Nongstoin market, the largest traditional market in West Khasi Hills which was shut down owing to the lockdown because of COVID-19, was reopened on Monday after over three months.
The market was reopened on a rotation basis following the decision taken jointly by the district magistrate and the office of the Syiem Hima Nongstoiñ.
There will be no big market day (Iew heh) or small market day (Iew rit) like before, but shops will be open following the odd- even number format as prepared by Nongstoin Market COVID-19 Management Committee.
The shops were allowed to open only  area-wise, which included Umlieh, Marskuin, Nonglwai, Nongkhlaw, Byrki, Sangriang, Risiang, Mawkynjoin, Mawliehbah Mawnar, Mawlangniang, Diskiang, Mawrusyiar, Sohpian, Nongspung and villages of Nongstoin Town Area.
Volunteers of the Management Committee kept vigil to ensure none entered without wearing masks and distance of one-two metres was maintained between two persons.
On day 1, 110 of the more than 300 shops, which have been allowed, opened.
However, despite the untiring efforts of the Committee and the Syiem, there were some loose ends as the rear gate had no volunteers.
The Assistant Enforcement official of the Office of Syiem Hima Nongstoin said that they lacked adequate manpower given the market’s huge area.
The secretary of the Management Committee said that strict protocols would have to be followed and shopkeepers have been instructed accordingly.
He said customers should wear face masks all the time at the market and practise hand hygiene and social distancing as per protocols.
He added that as of now only those shopkeepers who are from Nongstoin town area are allowed to open their shops.

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