Kirsten loves spending time with grandparents

London: Actress Kirsten Dunst says her family are the most important thing in her life and she loves spending time with her parents and grandparents. “I speak to them every day. My grandmother lives with my mother and I worry about not seeing her enough. I love my grandparents. I can never understand why people put family into care homes. I feel proud that I’ve earned enough money to buy a house for my mother and grandmother,”contactmusic.com quoted the 29-year-old as saying. “My grandfather in Germany was so proud of my Best Actress award. He was telling all his friends, he got to be the guy with the big news. I loved that,” she added. Kirsten lives with her younger brother Christian and admits she’s “lucky” to have one of the wonderful family. “I’m lucky with my family. My younger brother Christian lives with me and when I’m not working I travel. I see friends,” said Kirsten. (IANS)

Talpade turns into stand-up comedian

New Delhi: Actor Shreyas Talpade, who is known for his comic timing, turned into a stand-up comedian on the sets of Sony TV’s Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. Shreyas was invited as a guest on the show. However, the shoot got delayed due to a technical snag. To kill the spare time, the actor took it as an opportunity to entertain everyone. He showcased his comic side by narrating some hilarious jokes. (IANS)

Kardashian sisters’ shoe dilemma!

London: Socialite Kim Kardashian says she unintentionally ends up buying the same style of shoes as her sisters – and what adds to her dilemma is that they can’t swap shoes because they are different sizes. The 30-year-old brunette has two sisters — Khloe and Kourtney. “Khloe is a size eight, my mum is a six and a half, I’m a five and Kourtney is a three, so we’re all too different to swap shoes. We couldn’t borrow each other’s shoes if we wanted to. Sometimes though, we accidentally buy the same styles because we have the same taste, so that kind of sucks,” contactmusic.com quoted Kim as saying. (IANS)

Brook recalls ‘most terrible’ time of life

London: Model-actress Kelly Brook says losing her unborn child left her devastated and was the worst time of her life. The 31-year-old had a miscarriage of a baby girl at five months in May. She said it was the “most terrible time of my life”, but she still wants a family with her boyfriend Thom Evans, 26, reports thesun.co.uk. (IANS)

Fonda thought she would die ‘lonely’

London: Veteran actress Jane Fonda, 73, thought she would “die of loneliness” when she was 20. Fonda suffered the eating disorder bulimia throughout her teen years, also she lost her mother at the age of 12 and was going through a distant relationship with her father, actor Henry Fonda. “If people can learn anything from me, it’s that I’ve not always been happy and I’ve not always been strong.” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying. (IANS)

Sargun Mehta to play Phulwa

New Delhi: Actress Sargun Mehta has been roped in to replace child star Jannat Zubair Rahmani as the protagonist in Colors’ show Phulwa. The show is set to take a 10-year-leap and Sargun will play the older Phulwa, who turns into a female dacoit. (IANS)

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