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WGH DC encourages walking to keep lifestyle diseases at bay

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TURA: West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner, Ram Singh on Tuesday urged the general public of Tura Town to practice safe and disciplined driving while at the same time encouraging them to reduce the use of vehicles to ease traffic congestion in the town as well as to keep themselves safe from lifestyle diseases.

Ram Singh was speaking during the Awareness Campaign on ‘Safe and Disciplined Driving’ organized by the New Tura Development Forum in collaboration with the district administration at P A Sangma Stadium in Dakopgre.

Addressing the gathering, Ram Singh spoke on the consequences of drunk driving and urged one and all to refrain from the same. “All of us present here must take a resolution to not drive drunk. We must tell ourselves that we will not drive drunk for our own safety and others,” he said. With regard to reckless driving and overtaking especially by the youths, which is being witness in the town on a daily basis, Ram Singh urged parents not to allow their under aged children to use vehicles saying fines for traffic violation under the new traffic law were huge. The DC also raised the issue of riding two wheelers without helmets especially by the youths and urged the Superintendent of police to facilitate random checking to catch violators.

In an effort to ease traffic congestion as well to keep lifestyle diseases at bay, Ram Singh urged the people to limit the use of vehicles in the town area and to practice walking instead for short distances. “In villages, we can see an 80 year old man walking who is fit and fine. But here in the town, most people by the time they turn 45 are overweight. This is because we are depending on vehicles and have become too lazy to walk,” he said while informing that cases of hypertension, high blood pressure and high sugar content among people are on the rise.

Meanwhile, to prevent over speeding especially by two wheelers, the DC also informed that speed breakers have been installed all along the stretch of road proceeding from RVTI through Nazing Bazar to P A Sangma stadium junction.Among others who also spoke during the programme included District Transport Officer (DTO), Sengchalak D Shira.