Monday, April 22, 2024

Engineers urged to create city amenities


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The Speaker of the Meghalaya Assembly, Mr E K Mawlong has called upon the engineers and technical experts to engage attention to the pressing need for developing Shillong on a modern footing.

He was inaugurating a seminar on “the development amenities in Greater Shillong” here on May 25.

Mr Mawlong said “no time should be lost if the city is to be save from going the same way as others in the Third World. A challenging task before us therefore is to make Shillong once again a city worthy of the name Scotland of the East.”

Shillong, the Speaker he said had undergone “unprecedented and phenomenal growth” especially during the last decade. It was about time attention was given to the task of identifying the major problems and arrive at certain guidelines for present and future action plans.

Noted engineers and experts from various disciplines presented valuable papers projecting different facets of development of basic amenities in Greater Shillong areas. The seminar was organized by the Shillong Sub-Centre of the Institute of Engineers.


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