Probe presents graphic details


Call records of arrested BSF jawans indicate contact with Tantrik

Human sacrifice of 7-yr-old boy in Tura

From Our Correspondent

 TURA: Investigation into the ghastly murder of a seven-year-old boy as human sacrifice for the gods allegedly at the hands of a self-styled godman in Praharinagar headquarters of 121 BSF battalion in Tura on Wednesday evening has thrown up several leads with police obtaining details of phone records that implicate two jawans who were directly contacting a muslim tantrik whose presence was recorded inside the campus premises even though BSF authorities had previously claimed otherwise.

The police investigation team led by Sub-Inspector Sam Syiem of Araimile Beat House has proved beyond doubt that the muslim Tantrik was in close contact with accused BSF Jawan Babu Khan who introduced him to another accused jawan Chandrawan on the day the young child disappeared.

Interestingly, the tantrik was not confined to conversation with only the two jawans as call records revealed that the godman was in contact constantly with several other jawans of the BSF.

Eyewitness accounts from within the force have also revealed that the tantrik did enter the BSF compound even though the force officials deny it.

Meghalaya Police Inspector General of Police GHP Raju, who is supervising the investigation has revealed that one of the jawans who deposed before the enquiry team has categorically mentioned the presence of the tantrik inside the camp premises on the day of the child’s murder.

“The needle of suspicion is squarely on the tantrik and we strongly suspect his involvement,” said IGP Raju.

Details obtained by The Shillong Times reveal that the muslim tantrik Lukman Haqib from Mancachar in Assam was spotted in the company of a BSF jawan on October 4th and 5th.

The tantrik, who was denied entry inside the campus on Tuesday morning was found loitering outside the main gate in the vicinity of a petty grocery shop between 11 to 11:30 am. Later two BSF jawans believed to be Babu Khan and Chandrawan escorted him away to an unknown destination. The tantrik later visited the home of the BSF jawan Chandrawan.

The telephone call details of the accused jawans has indicated that Babu Khan and Chadrawan were in regular contact with the tantrik and so also were several other jawans residing inside the campus.

“The criminal network of human sacrifice apparently goes beyond the two BSF jawans,” suspects a police officer investigating the case.