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Non availability of readymade info irks tourists in city


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By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: Non availability of readymade information in the form of leaflets and brochures has irked tourists here in the city.

Many tourists say that such leaflets and brochures should be made available in various authorized outlets, such as shops, hotels, malls, restaurants etc., in the city, too. They say that availability of such info at various authorized outlets is a common practice in other cities of the country.

A tourist from MP said that she was surprised to find that there are not enough “business partners” of the state tourism department who can help them out. “What I have seen in other cities is that even a pan-wala is an agent of the tourism department but here even big stores are not seen doing that,” she said.

She said that the government here must identify these areas because they are the most happening places.

Like her another tourist said that this is a common trend as various government departments are targeting new innovative things to reach customers. “Tourism thrives on customers and for that the government has to tap those areas where customers generally bank upon,” said a tourist from Haryana.

A tourist from Maharashtra said that the tourism department can tie-up with various religious organizations which offers guest house services.

A tourist who was staying in a religious organization during his recent visit here said, “Many tourists prefer to stay in these places too and they enquire about tourist spots besides modes of communication. The government should target these organizations.”

Meghalaya with immense tourism potential lacks proper infrastructure in place be it roads, hotels which actually drives tourism in a state.

Apart from these loopholes, tourists also complained about the lack of knowledge of places in the city and its outskirts including the state.

Many said that the commoners cannot provide them with details regarding conveyances, fares and even directions to certain places.

“It is very strange that the locals, particularly the new generations are not that adept with their own backyard,” said a tourist from Jammu & Kashmir.

Many tourists even said that the absorption of information has remained confined to few here whereas a Jhaal Muri seller in other cities is also providing right information at least around his background.

These tourists said that through these added authorized information outlets will further help its growth and leverage tourism to a new height.

Ironically the Director, Directorate of Tourism, Meghalaya refused to comment on the matter.

RG Lyngdoh, Chairman, MTDF said that the tourists are right since they should emotionally feel at home, when they visit another state and should know the official rate and must not feel cheated. “But tourism is still at a nascent stage here.

The MTDF is also trying to promote tourism at its best,” said Mr Lyngdoh adding that the tourism department should look into these issues raised by tourists.

Informing that there should also be more rooms (not necessarily more hotels) along with bread and breakfast schemes with community participation and ownership, Mr Lyngdoh said that the authority has to even properly monitor food standards and quality.

“Tourist should not be misbehaved with, right from a taxi driver to a shopkeeper because if the experience is good we can expect more otherwise it will dry up,” said the chairman adding tourists should get a good bargain.


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