Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Unity In Diversity


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By Ananya S Guha

“Now once again, they are using divisive forces” he declared like a prophet in ecstasy.

“Who, what?” I mumbled. I knew only too well my friend’s frenetic interest in the world of news.

“This popular upsurge against corruption and all the ills attendant to it” he said.

“But who are the divisive forces?”

“Why, can’t you understand? A people’s movement has to be crushed. So they are pitting one member of the team against another”. He thundered.

“Which?” I enquired.

“Haven’t you heard of Team A?”

“You mean the Indian cricket team. Oh yes they have Team A, B, A+ and so on. Now they are also paying them according to these grades. Fat lot of good that will do. Another excuse to give them more money.”

“No, no!” he stomped.

“I am referring to this crusade against corruption. It will go down in the annals of history as a pacific movement to fight venality in all its hues” he exclaimed triumphantly.

“Oh yes, yes” I replied.

“But what’s wrong? I thought that I read; that the leader of the team will persuade the govt. to promulgate the bill in the winter session of Parliament? They will not blow hot, they will blow cold” I mused.

“How can you be so callous, so insouciant to the wishes of the masses?”

“What about the classes?” I asked.

“Don’t quibble” he said impatiently. I was getting irked.

“So tell me what is happening?”

“You see” he said slowly – “One member is virtually accusing another of corruption… I am sure they are behind it”

“Who?” I asked politely. Do you mean the PM or the government?”

“I mean everyone who has vested interests. It is a grand conspiracy that has been hatched to divide them and make them corrupt!”

“Yes Unity in Diversity…” I concluded.


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