New Land Use Policy Scheme pays dividend in Mizoram

Aizwal: The new land use policy scheme (NLUP)of the Mizoram Government is helping to generate employment for thousands of people living in the rural and far flung areas of the state.

After being unsuccessful in getting a job, Renawma, a young graduate living in the Kolasib district of Mizoram, registered himself under the New Land Use Policy Scheme of the state government and got a loan of Rs 20,000 with which he started a video making business.

“Since the state government introduced this scheme, I have received help from them to start my business. And, I am hopeful that I will be successful in life,” said Renawma.

Today, he earns enough to take care of his family.

The New Land Use Policy Scheme is a state government project.

It consists of eight departments – agriculture, industry, animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, industries, sericulture, soil and water conservation and environment, from which people can receive help.

Renawma received help from the industry department.

There are about 3813 beneficiaries in Kolasib district alone who have received monetary and technical support.

The help provided to beneficiaries depends on several parameters like marketability of the product and physical condition of the area.

Niharika Rai, Deputy Commissioner, Kolasib District, Mizoram, said NLUP helps in providing permanent livelihood to those who have no source of earning a livelihood or involved in Jhum cultivation.

“We are in New Land Use Policy Scheme and under this we provide a permanent source of livelihood to those who do not have it all and are involved in the Jhum cultivation,” said Rai.

The scheme has been successful in reducing employment and given impetus to development activities in the region.

Development activities in Mizoram have picked up pace after militant activities came to an end in the state two decades ago.

Both the state and the centre are making concerted efforts to speed up the development process in the region by implementing various schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, and Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Program. (ANI)

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