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Water crisis a major issue in Marngor


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From Our Corespondent

NONGSTOIN: Water scarcity in Marngor area consisting of six villages Marngor, Langlew, Mawkhanpamdeh, MawBlei mawjnoin, Phyllut and Mawkhan Wahkwang is reaching an alarming proportion with people of the area suffering a lot due to water crisis.

Residents of the locality can be seen waiting in long queues at some of the water ponds in the area with empty buckets and plastic gallons for their turn. On many occasions this wait for water often leads to quarrels and fights between the residents.

A resident of Langlew village while speaking to The Shillong Times said that water scarcity is not a new problem here.

When contacted, the Secretary of Langlew village R.Lyngdoh , said, “Water is a big problem in our locality as the PHE department has not taken any necessary step in this regard. ”

According to Lyngdoh, the area receives less than sufficient water during summers and the condition turns worse during the winter and dry months.

The residents also alleged that the concerned authorities have not done anything till date to ensure adequate water supply in the area which has around 700 households.

Lyngdoh also stated that the area is in need of a reserve water tank which can cater to the increasing population of the area as till date the locality does not have a single water tank.With water becoming a major concern for the people, the only hope now left for the residents of the area is the speedy commissioning of the Marngor area Water Supply scheme(MAWSS) which has sanctioned in the year 2009.


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