Monday, February 26, 2024

KSU suspects foulplay


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From Our Correspondent

 NONGSTOIN: The KSU (Mawthadraishan Circle) held a meeting with the headmen of the Markasa block on Tuesday to press on the demand to name the PDS wholesaler for the Block.

The KSU suspected foulplay in the delay in announcing the name of the PDS wholesaler for the area alleging that attempts are being made to divert the wholesale unit from Markasa to Pariong.

The NGO further alleged that names of the wholesalers for the entire West Khasi Hills District had been announced on April 18 and the announcement of the name of the wholesaler for Markasa was being intentionally delayed.

Headman, Tiehdang, B Rani chaired the meeting which was attended by over hundred people. The 32 headmen extended their support to the KSU who reiterated their demand for the name of the wholesaler who won the tender bid to be announced without further delay.

It may be mentioned that Markasa has 32 villages under it while there are only eight villages under Pariong. The headmen and the KSU lamented that if the alleged diversion materialises, the villagers from Markasa would have to travel over 40kms to procure the essential items.

The KSU had earlier written to the government to regularize the PDS items at Markasa and its adjoining areas and announce the name of the PDS wholesaler for the area.


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