Keeping safety strapped behind wheels

While seat belts are considered as a life savior for

many, yet people driving their vehicles in the over congested roads of Shillong and National highways hardly bother wearing it.

Going by the increase in the number of road accidents in the city of Shillong, the importance of safety belts cannot be compromised at any cost.

However, neither the local cabbies nor the private vehicle owners think it is appropriate to wear the belts which may save their lives on any given day. The Additional Superintendent of police (traffic) while expressing his concern over the trend of not wearing seat belts while driving said that the Shillong Traffic police keeps on issuing a cautionary notice to people to wear it when driving. According to Lyngdoh, people should wear it for their safety since seat belts are pre-installed in any vehicle. “We will discuss it and we will have to do something in this regard,” he said while appealing people to drive with their seat belts in any short distance or long distance journeys.

He also informed that the as per the section section 25 (C) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 says that it is mandatory for people to wear the seat belts when driving the vehicle. (By Aafaque Hussain)

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