Another reason for the empty seat

Despite the launching of the SPTS and Maxi Cab by the Urban Affairs department, it is a surprise to see that school children from Mawlai locality still have to walk to reach their schools due to shortage of public transportation that would carry them to their destination.

This problem is mainly being faced by those school children who are studying in various schools in Jaiaw and Mawkhar.

It has been observed that school children would be left standing on the roadside waiting for auto rickshaws and taxis. a school bus picking them up to their school is a far fetched dream. Even a city bus at their time of need is missing.

It is quite a sorry sight when scores of parents and kids remain stranded in the streets waiting to reach schools and remain in that state for a long time owing to poor modes of transportation.

There are numerous occasions where children who are studying in various schools in Laitumkhrah are also facing similar problem due to lack of proper transportation. To add to woes is the terrific traffic jam that dominates the morning street arena. Private vehicles and reserved cabs are plying around while many are left stranded trying their luck every once in a while to have a car taking them to their destination.

But normally the problem of transportation towards IGP point from Mawlai is not as severe as it is towards Motphran area.

It is really surprising to see that this problem of public transportation is prevailent in the constituency of the former Urban Affairs Minister.

While expressing their disappointment on the lack of public transport in Mawlai area, majority of the parents are of the view that the Government should consider the introduction of a bus service during the morning hours to cater to the needs of school children.

“It would be very helpful if the Government can introduce bus services towards Motphran and IGP point during the morning hours to solve the problem which are being faced by the school children including the parents who are dropping their young ones to school,” few of the parents stated.

While recalling that they used to be benefitted on account of the buses which were given by former MLA PT Sawkmie to the various Dorbar Shnong of Mawlai area, they said that it is sad that these buses are no longer operational.

The parents also urged upon the Mawlai Town Dorbar chairman SD Khongwir to take cognizance on the problem faced by the school children.

“It is not easy for the children to walk all the way from their homes to their school in Jaiaw and Mawkhar,” the parents said.

(By Lamphrang Nongspung)

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