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Justice for deserving teachers


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Apropos the bizarre act of tampering the score sheets of meritorious teachers recommended by the members of the selection board, I am shocked that our Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma is more concerned about the leakage of the CBI report. He should be training his guns at the culprits responsible for the nepotism. This is a clear case of taking sides with the wrongdoers! We hope that such scams are not allowed to become the precedence as they are hazardous to the wellbeing of the society and the state. The case should be pursued to its logical end by the NGOs and the culprits severely punished as per the law. It is imperative that such hazards to the society are checked and contained otherwise many such scams are sure to recur in the near future. If after committing a crime, one who is in the good books of the government, is still at large and unpunished then what is to become of our people and the State? Now that a complaint has been filed at the Laitumkhrah Police Station against the Minister involved, one hopes that those at the helm of governance will not interfere in the disposal of the case so that the deserving teaches get justice. One also hopes that a landmark judgment is arrived at in this case so as to act as a deterrent to those who wish to commit a similar offence. This will certainly contribute towards the fight against corruption and nepotism in our state.

Yours etc.,

Dr Jenniefer Dkhar,


Allotment of Congress ticket


There is an old wise saying, “For every event there is a cause.” This is applicable to the present political scenario in Garo Hills especially in 59-Chokpot (ST) constituency. In a recent report in The Shillong Times (Oct 23, 2012), we saw a thought provoking report concerning the allotment of the Congress party ticket to a certain candidate. The supporters of the candidate appealed to the party’s high command to allot the party ticket to the candidate for contesting the upcoming Assembly elections in Meghalaya. Evidence -based information from reliable sources showed that the particular candidate who was the former Deputy Commissioner was supported only by a handful of people only. These are the people who demanded party ticket for the candidate. Such an act would definitely create a chasm in the Congress party and split the vote bank. It would be disastrous on the part of the Congress high command to pay heed to the demands of such an insignificant number of supporters. Instead they ought to allot the party ticket to such candidate who really proves himself/herself capable, responsible, committed towards serving the people and one who enjoys mass support of the people in the constituency.

Yours etc.

P. Sangma &

A.D. Sangma


South Garo Hills

Pathetic network!


It is a known fact that Sohra(Cherrapunjee) is known all over the world because of its typical geographical uniqueness. This uniqueness allows our land to be inscribed in the world atlas and has brought immense recognition to the land and its people. But it will not be very long before Sohra(Cherrapunjee) drops off from the map of the world if the present communication network is in place. Be it the State owned BSNL or the Private Cellular Operators the communication system is in a pathetic state requiring urgent intervention from the authorities. On any given day if one has to communicate through the mobile network, internet café or PCO’s for sending any urgent information or SMS one is usually met with the response of – “Unreachable, busy network or switched off.” The communication through emails also collapses as in most cases the obvious response of Internet providers is – “Unable to connect”.

Through your esteemed paper, I would request the authorities to immediately take stock of the situation here in Sohra as it is such a vital place and a busy circuit of tourist destination.

Yours etc.,

W. Bynnud





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