Friday, June 14, 2024

Scarcity of water


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During the festival of Puja I was taking a walk one evening along the GS road enjoying the festivity in and around, than my attention was shifted from the festive scene to something pathetic situation. I saw two people with a bucket each in their hands collecting water with a tiny mug from the road side which was covered with dirt and waste materials. The water was trickling out from the broken pipe, which I am very sure was not fit for human consumption. I believe that this is not the only situation in Shillong like this; there are many more places with no proper supply of water even for the basic needs of household consumption. Even if there is a supply of water it is very limited or people are made to wait for hours and hours just to get what is their due and basic right as a citizen. It is a high time for the government to look into the matter and do something about it, the politicians’ promises hundred and one thing during the time of elections and once they get elected they forget everything, worse still, even to provide the basic human needs like water. They keep themselves busy by filling up money in their pockets and building new houses and doing everything else except the very own duties to the people who voted for them. So it an eye opening also for the citizens of Shillong, whom will you, be voting in the up coming election?

Yours etc.,

Vaishalee Das




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