Traffic cops under fire for ‘excesses’

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: Despite the good initiative to restrict illegal parking, there have been reports of stray cases of harassment by the police personnel on the common masses.

The latest incident relates to the harassment meted to a local taxi driver at Khyndai Lad on Wednesday evening.

A group of journalists were witness to an incident where traffic police personnel forcefully put a clamp on a local taxi that was parked at an embarkment/ disembarkment point in Khyndai Lad.

The driver of the vehicle was talking to one of the passenger when the traffic personnel came and suddenly put the clamp on the front tyre without any warning. Strangely, the traffic personnel failed to take any action against other local taxi drivers who were disrupting the flow of traffic.

Some of the taxis were even parked outside the designated embarkment/ disembarkment point.

Despite pleas by the helpless taxi driver, the Traffic personnel took him to Sadar Police Traffic Branch where he was made to pay a fine.

A septuagenarian, P Biswa, who was also a witness to the incident, later told the journalists that the action the Traffic personnel was totally unjustified.

Criticizing the police for maintaining double standards in their action, the senior citizen said that the police did not dare to put a clamp on the official vehicle of Urban Affairs Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh which had violated the one-way traffic rule on Tuesday.

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