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The enemy within


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Apropos the report “Justice delayed, not denied”(November 22), the butcher of Mumbai might have been hanged to death but when will the rabid, and often elite think-tank, be vanquished from the face of the earth who religiously exploit the acute poverty in the society and brainwash the Kasabs to create mayhem? It is indeed unfortunate that only those who are used as mere instruments get punished, but the real sponsors of terrorism get off scot-free. Countries affected by terrorism should certainly enforce strict laws and defence mechanisms to protect their borders. But the greater challenge lies in uprooting poverty and hunger from the society. Else no power in the world can prevent the birth of more poverty-stricken hungry uneducated, unemployed Kasabs, to be lapped up by the terrorist organisations to further their vested interests.

However, there lies no doubt in the fact that the sponsors of the Gujarat pogrom or the 1984 Sikh massacre, people engaged in “honour killings”, caste wars and the self-declared guardians of the tribals who are murdering the innocents in the jungles of East, Central and parts of South and West India, who are all full-fledged Indians, are infinite times greater culprits than the Kasabs. The sin of poverty and illiteracy compel the victims of fate like Kasab to join terrorist outfits which wage war against alien nations. But by posing a direct assault on the very basis of India only ie secularism and communal harmony and insulting all traits of humanity, the cold-blooded home-bred criminals attack the country from within which is much more fatal. The entry of alien Kasabs can be controlled to a great extent by sealing international borders and strengthening the defence mechanism, but who will rein in these domestic fundamentalists, terrorists, casteists and feudalists who bleed the country from within?

Yours etc.,

Kajal Chatterjee

Kolkata 114

Well done Pranabda!


After an endless wait the nation is now relieved and happy about the fact that justice does exist in this country. A very strong message has, in the process, also been sent and what happened on November 21 in Pune at 0730 should be a deterrent and a warning to people who have ambitions to create fear and disarray in our country.

Yours etc.,

Ambarika Guha

Teaching- a responsible profession


When the Inspector of School, East Khasi Hills district visited KJP Higher Secondary School some time ago, she just ended up in the Principal’s Office only. I urge the Inspectors of Schools in the entire state of Meghalaya, to interact with the students in order to have first hand information about the performance of the teachers. There should also be an evaluation system for the teachers and those found to be unfit to teach should be asked to leave. Interestingly, a teacher of the said school who also happens to be the Vice Principal, has not attended even a single class in the whole year. I doubt that the unfortunate students will fare well during the exams.

Teachers should realize that the future of the students and the State is in their hands and should not take their teaching job lightly. After all, if the teachers can go on strike to achieve their demands, then why not the students also.

Yours etc.

A concerned parent

Shillong – 8.

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