Friday, June 14, 2024

Top official cleared of graft charges in China


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China: China’s discipline watchdog has cleared a top police official of graft suspicion after he was accused of gross corruption here in the district, where the ruling Communist Party carried out a series of experiments implementing a number of economic reforms.

The commission for discipline inspection of Communist Party of China (CPC)’s Shunde district committee in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, said last night that it did not find disciplinary problems after probing Zhou Xikai, deputy chief of Shunde’s public security bureau, for online allegations.

Zhou was pushed to the spotlight after a post surfaced on the Internet accusing him of concealing property assets totalling 60 million yuan ( USD 960,000) way beyond his income levels — and dodging the family planning policy which limits the majority of urban couples to only one child.

The discipline watchdog said it investigated Zhou’s assets and found no violations in the source of his property wealth.

The discipline watchdog said the family planning policy does not apply to Liang as she had relinquished her household registration in China and her second child did not have Chinese household registration either. In October, Guangdong sacked Cai Bin, a low-level official in provincial capital of Guangzhou, for discipline violations after an official probe confirmed online allegation that he owned 22 properties, a wealth way beyond a civil servant’s income.

The probe also found that Cai’s son had obtained Australian citizenship. Earlier this month, Guangdong announced plans to require officials to disclose their assets, as well as those of their relatives, to curb corruption. (PTI)


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