Why blame Mukul alone for the impasse ?


For over three months now Meghalaya witnessed a chaotic scene from the pro-ILP groups who have launched a series of agitations to stick to their demands for the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state of Meghalaya akin to states like Arunachal, Nagaland & Mizoram. In the recent rally at Students Field Jaiaw, one speaker after another fired their salvo at Dr Mukul Sangma alone as he was the only culprit. But one should not forget that the former HNLC Chairman turned politician in his statement which appeared in Shillong Times on 17th October 2013 has said that ILP is not the solution to the present imbroglio. One can only imagine what compelled him to utter such a word when his Jaidbynriew is in dire straits. Why did Julius Dorphang suddenly lose the zeal of love for his Jaidbynriew if not for his selfish motives and convenience in the MUA-II ?.So too Ronnie V Lyngdoh another Brutus in the act who backstabbed his jaidbynriew by daring and questioning the integrity of the village durbars and the Rangbah Shnong.

We cannot expect any good from such so-called leaders that Ri Hynñiewtrep has produced. In fact, Dr Mukul shall bow down to the pressure only if all Khasi MLAs who lend their support to him make a tactical insecurity by shaking his chair uncomfortably. Let real leaders calls a spade a spade.

Yours Etc,

Edward Jenner

Kynton u Mon,


ILP related cases


If we look at the data on ILP related cases in West Jaintia Hills, 7 cases were registered with two arrests, 2 cases each in South West Khasi Hills & East Jaintia Hills with no arrests being made. A single case registered in West Garo Hills where no arrest was registered in East, South, North and South West Garo Hills. Crores of rupees worth of property both private and government wasted in Khasi & Jaintia Hills. Is this a pointer that people of Khasi & Jaintia Hils are more prone to violence while people of Garo Hills are strong believers in the Christian Way of non violence especially when Christmas is upon us? Or is this much flaunted “CHRISTIAN STATE” a misnomer? Or are the administrators and the police and the people of Garo Hills more adept with dealing with such complex (un)realistic problems usually generated and provoked by some crafty politicians more for selfish personal reasons and less for common good? Thankfully Garos seem to be looking at “the usual suspects” and treat such provocations with the treatment they deserve. True or illegal, Garo residents are this year too waiting for massive influx of foreign tourists that Christmas season brings every year from USA, UK. Germany, France, Israel, Uzbekistan, Czech-oslavakia, Warsaw, South Africa-(mostly countries where the Meghalaya government has been sending delegations.)…And of course no tenancy rights are imposed on them and no NGO seeks legal documents from them. They are welcome. After all they bring much needed dollars to the country and the State.

Yours etc.,

Nesfield B Sangma,

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