Mukul in power through violent means, says Bindo

SHILLONG: While Meghalaya achieved statehood through non-violent means, the Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma has adopted violent means to be in power, according to former Deputy Chief Minister Bindo Lanong, .

Lanong, who is also the UDP Working President said on Tuesday, “We have achieved Statehood through non-violence, but the links of the Chief Minister with the militant groups defeat the very meaning of non-violence,”.

He said that the allegation of nexus of Chief Minister with the militants cannot be taken lightly since the militant groups have claimed that they have records of telephonic conversation when the Chief Minister had sought their help to remain in the chair. Lanong added that there is some truth into the whole episode.

“There cannot be a fair probe about his (Dr Sangma) alleged nexus with the ANVC (B) if he still occupies the office of the Chief Minister,” Lanong said.

He said that it would not be good for the Chief Minister to step down as per the interpretation of the Centre or any superior authorities.

“The best option for him is to gracefully step down than to be removed by the Centre,” Lanong said.

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