In a case of violation of model code of conduct, the Parliamentary Secretary in-charge Horticulture, (status of a minister of state) Robinus Syngkon (with white shawl) in the presence of West Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner PS Dkhar on Monday inaugurated the community hall of Kur Soo-kpoh Khad-ar Wyrnai- the first clan that inhabited  Jowai at Chilliangraij, Jowai town. A memorial tablet was also unveiled to mark the inauguration of the building and also the golden jubilee celebration of the clan. The fund for the project was sanctioned when PR Kyndiah was the Shillong MP. As per the election model code of conduct, “Ministers and other authorities (except civil servants) shall not lay the foundation stones of projects or schemes of any kind. Senior Government officer may lay foundation stone without involving any political
functionary”.  (Photo and text: Our Jowai correspondent)

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