The battle belongs to God


Apropos the news items “It’s a dying man’s wish, Mukul on Purno Contesting polls”, the ripostes from PA Sangma – “Mukul CM of Ampati, not Meghalaya” – and the editor’s special article ” In Tura its David versus Goliath” (ST 21st March 2014), the contents of the first two news item were distasteful while the special article by the editor was very good. I agree with the writer that the chances for P.A Sangma are dismal given just 2 MLAs that the NPP has in Garo Hills. Agreed that people have their own way of voting for the general elections to the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly but the majority of such people, in a flawed democracy such as ours, are guided by the wisdom of not only their MLAs but the MDCs too whose role is paramount in an election.

Goliath was merely a mortal man defying an all-powerful God and this can be found in 1 Samuel 17. David looked at the battle from God’s point of view. If Daryl Momin looks at giant problems and impossible situations from God’s perspective, he will realize that God will fight for him provided he puts things in proper perspective, see more clearly and fight more effectively. After all he comes from a family whose grandfather (Late Captain Williamson A Sangma, the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya) was PA Sangma’s mentor and brought him to the limelight of politics. I wish the young man the very best. After all we need educated young people in politics to win the hearts and minds of the people of Garo Hills, a region of North East where the Garo people are undergoing a lot of agony and suffering as a result of underdevelopment.

Yours etc.,

Vijay Lyngdoh,

Via email

Disunited State of Meghalaya



On the last date of filing nominations for the upcoming 16th Lok sabha election, we witness an octet face-off for the lone Lok Sabha seat from Shillong and dual contest for the Tura seat. For non-political pundits like me with least analytical skills, I could figure out only one thing – the disunity in Meghalaya. For a small state like ours with only three prominent tribes, who could imagine the peak of disunity to reach this level? It reflects the level of dissonance in our society where consensus building is an elusive dream. Another revelation is the total assets of some of the candidates. It’s shocking to see the 8-10 digit numbers which is beyond the reach of many in a state known for alarming poverty figures. The wide income gap is getting wider; the poor drowning are under poverty and the rich climbing the wealth ladder faster. The question that arises is – who audits these big names and their sources of income, which they enjoy in an income tax-less state by virtue of being scheduled tribes.

Coming back to the poll fray, we the people aspire to have a responsible leader who can open his/her mouth on behalf of the state in the parliament. That can happen only if the electorate is cautious enough to cleverly choose the right person for the job. Politics becomes dirty because voters trade-off their valuable franchise for some selfish agenda and freebies which is exploited by players of this game. I appeal to the people of Meghalaya to become game changers by doing the right thing at the right time. We can change the system if we start with ourselves.

Yours etc.,

Sonie Kharduit

New Delhi- 60

Urgent road repair


Through this esteemed daily, I request the PWD to kindly repair the road leading from FCI junction towards PTS in Mawroh and also from Golf Club junction to CRPF Camp, Polo. This road is very busy these days as it leads to NEHU and all sorts of vehicles ply on this road. The recent work done by the PHE Deptt. to lay the pipes has damaged this road considerably. Haphazard repairs done in some portion have peeled off once again.

It is appreciated that most of the roads have been repaired and relaid in Shillong like the road from Mawkhar to Jaiaw, Lad Shyiap towards Mawpat and Nongmynsong, but the above roads have been without repairs for a very long time except for few patch work from time to time. I would urge the locals to come forward and voice their concern for speedy repair of this important road.

Yours etc.,


Shillong -.8


Ranikor to Moheskola road needs repair


Apropos the above, I would like to remind the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) of Ranikor Unit that they approached the Minister of PWD (R&B) sometime in the month of September 2013 to repair the dilapidated road from Ranikor to Moheskola. Meanwhile the Minister promised them (KSU) to repair the same after the monsoon of that year was over. Now the monsoon of 2014 is approaching and it will overtake us very soon.

I would, therefore request the KSU to approach again the PWD Minister yet again and remind him to keep his promise in the interests of the public of that area.

Yours etc,

Rakman T. Sangma

Tilagora, Moheskola

South Garo Hills

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