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GNLA, ANVC-B cry foul over killing of youths


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SHILLONG: While the GNLA has denied any involvement in the killing of ANVC-B cadres, the ANVC-B has asked Home Minister Roshan Warjri to take stringent action against those who are involved in the killing. The outfit has also stated that the police are solely responsible for the incident.
In a statement issued to the media, GNLA leader Savio Marak said, “As far as the recent killings in Oragitok is concerned we deny the act completely and also condemn police and Chief Minister Mukul Sangma for such secret killings”.
According to GNLA, the outfit gathered information from its intelligence that it was a hideous act of police and the Chief Minister.
The outfit has also said that it is monitoring all NGO leaders who turn a blind eye to the situation in Garo Hills and act as “Mukul’s tools.”
The GNLA added that “Alva B Sangma was the advisor of Sohan D Shira. She was abandoned by the organisation for her conduct, double standards and misuse of money. We dare the government to initiate a judicial enquiry against her properties, news sources and connections.
The militant outfit also urged the people to co-operate with the outfit in condemning the murder of “innocent Garo brothers” and inefficiency of NGOs of Garo Hills among others.
In a separate statement, the ANVC-B publicity secretary Doang Shira said that the police have yet again committed a crime.
“GNLA has said in social media that they are not involved in the killing. The three victims who were found dead at Oragitok were going home on a bike when they were picked up at Rongram. We knew of it but being helpless we were hoping to bail them out,” the ANVC-B said.
According to the outfit, the trio was later taken to Oragitok in a public vehicle and shot there.
“This is similar to the Darengagal incident of January this year when four of our cadres who were made to dig out all weapons were shot at the site,” the ANVC-B said.
“This is a cold blooded murder and police are solely responsible. They are trying to justify it in social media that Chinese bullets were used to kill and that one cadre by the name of Jimmy was identified by the villagers. However, no militant would dare to roam freely amidst such heavy operation and kill in open,” the ANVC-B said.
“We are aware of what happened to Jimmy. Do not try to drag him here. We are also aware that there are hundreds of Chinese AK bullets with police. Some are being sold back to the militants themselves. Another astonishing fact is police are never accompanied by a magistrate,” Shira said.
According to ANVC-B, the act is a cold blooded murder and a fake encounter. “We urge the Home Minister to take stringent action against those involved in the killing else we will be compelled to take law into our own hands. We also appeal media to cover the statement of the villagers and justify the police version. Police have not allowed NGOs and civil society groups to meet our 24 cadres, but it is the duty of media to bring out the facts. We also make appeal to Shalom Meghalaya to protest the cold blooded murder of these youths,” the ANVC-B added.


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