Admin justifies blocking internet

SHILLONG: Despite criticism from several quarters for blocking the internet in the entire Garo Hills for the last 24 hours in view of the GHADC polls, the Commissioner and Secretary , Home J. Lyngdoh  has justified the action of the Home department.
The intention of the Government was to ensure that the protestors of the polls including pressure groups and the militants do not use internet which is available even in mobiles to send messages through social networking sites to prevent people from voting.
From  8 pm on Sunday to 9 pm on Monday, the Government blocked  the internet to prevent inflammatory messages in view of GHADC  elections.
However, the action of the home department had faced criticism with several Garo Hills residents questioning the blanket ban on internet for 24 hours.
Media houses, banking sectors and other business establishments which depended on internet were badly affected by due ban on internet for a day.
Speaking to reporters  on Monday, Lyngdoh,  who is also the  Commissioner and Secretary, District Council Affairs department, said  that  the action was based on reports from the intelligence agencies that  transmission of certain information which is misleading or unconstitutional on the eve of elections will create panic which would not be healthy in the interest of all.
“The end justifies the means. It was a conscious decision based on reports and and if there is a conspiracy to do something by vested interests during elections, there is anxiety on our part . But we chose only a limited time to block the internet not to cause undue inconvenience to the people”, Lyngdoh said.

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