Traffic snarl haunts visitors

SHILLONG: Despite all arrangements, traffic snarl haunted visitors to the Indigenous Terra Madre, 2015 or the International Mei Ramew at Mawphlang on Saturday.
People were seen stuck in the jam for hours while trying to reach the venue and even while returning back rom the event.
Some visitors also felt that the organizers could not anticipate the flow of the crowd.
“The number of stalls setup for the event was few when compared to the crowd that turned up for the fest. People had to stand in long queues to take their food from the stalls and the food finished off in no time leaving many disappointed,” said a visitor.
“Though proper and well maintained toilets were put up, the number was very few and women were seen standing in long queues in front of the toilets,” complained another visitor.
There were also few who believed that the sanctity of Sacred Groves was disturbed and the event should have been held at some other place.

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