A racist obsession


Off and on I keep on hearing about agitations on influx, ILP etc. by some NGOS in Shillong. It is an open secret that some political parties are also behind it. The bogey for such a demand is alleged illegal immigrants from a neighbouring country. Are the people really serious about the illegal foreign immigrants? The answer is a plain NO. How many of these NGOS have visited the coal mines and checked the labourers when the mines were very active? How many are complaining about the movement of people belonging to the indigenous community across the international border? Some of them are even hard core militants! If the Garos in Shella area are illegal immigrants then why is there no demand to drive them out of the country but only oppose inclusion of their names in the electoral rolls? In reality all such agitations against the so called illegal immigrants is not against foreigners but persons from other parts of the country who come to work here for higher returns due to the unwillingness of the local people to take up hard and skilled jobs. They are termed as ‘dkhars’ which is now a pejorative term. The state was born out of Assam due to a movement against the non tribals. At the same time the WHITE NON TRIBALS are treated like Gods. The word DKHAR does not apply to them. The white men may be nothing in their own country but are real celebrities here. Getting married to a white man is considered a matter of great pride and honour but not so with the indigenous brown or black DKHARS from other parts of the country. The economy of the state depends heavily on the earnings of the people of rest of India and not from WHITE NON TRIBALS.

The whole state will collapse if the essential commodities stop coming even for a day from rest of the country. It may be a fact that the white men from the west have many positive qualities which can be emulated but so is it with DKHARS from other parts of the country. Is it not a fact that it is the same white men who looted our wealth and exploited us for centuries and called Indians as DOGS? Is it not the same white men who tortured their slaves with scant regard for human rights? Is it not the same white men who in the name of democracy have murdered innocent people in the world? There are angels and devils in any society. Then why have double standards? Is one more secure with white men than own countrymen? We have been liberated from white men through sacrifices made by our countrymen but the slavery still continues because of the diehard belief that the ‘white man can do no wrong’ which is still deep rooted in the society. It is a time to say good bye to this unworthy obsession and fascination for the skin colour and unwarranted intolerance towards others, in the best interests of society and unity of the country.

Yours etc.,

KamalSingh Sodhi



Airtel betrays its customers


Bharati Airtel launched its 4G services in Shillong with much fanfare on July 31 last promising super speed internet experience for existing 3G users. Prior to that the company had launched its 4G services in various cities across the country and publicized its supposedly superlative internet experience through grand ad campaigns splashed across TV channels. Callously tempted by the supposed claims of the girl in the red top and cropped hair about Airtel’s 4G services being the fastest and promising a lifetime worth of talk time free if her claims were proven wrong, I fell into the trap of the Airtel call centre executive and consented to upgrade from 3G to 4G without any extra charges and got a new 4G SIM which was delivered at my doorstep promptly. Alas, to my great dismay, I realized, within a couple of days that I had been cheated. The 4G services were nonexistent.

The only time when my internet experience is good is in the wee hours of morning but I really don’t have any need for 4G services at 4 O’clock in the morning. I would like to mention that I have a BSNL Broadband connection at my home which gives me satisfactory net speed. Through this column, I would like to challenge the Airtel’s Shillong area manager or whatever designation he/ she holds to visit my home on any working day in between the working hours and prove that Airtel’s 4G speed is faster than the Broadband speed I have at home. I will bet that the company would be compelled to honour their promise of a lifetime of free talk time for me just like the girl in the TV ad had promised. Else, I would be forced to knock the doors of the local consumer court against the company for running a fraud and misleading ad campaign. PS: I was an IDEA subscriber before I switched over to Airtel through Mobile Number Portability hoping for a better experience. Alas!

Yours’ etc.,

Sanjay Kar

Shillong – 2


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