Pseudonyms: Govt in a fix

Rehab package for ANVC cadres

SHILLONG: Assumed names of some ANVC-B leaders other than their real names have confused the state government while analyzing the list of names before allotting the rehabilitation package to them.
The former chairman of ANVC -B Rimpu Marak had earlier said that many leaders of the outfit were left out from the rehabilitation package of Rs 1. 5 lakh each recently approved by the Centre.
However, a senior government official on Wednesday said that it was due to the submission of assumed names that the Government was not able to identify the real names of the leaders who were left out.
According to Rimpu, those who were left out from the list include commander in chief of ANVC-B  Mokus Marak, political secretary, organizing secretary, general secretary and senior cadres of the organization among others .
The government official, however,  said that the matter has already been taken up with the police for re-verification of names.
While there were a total of 304 cadres with ANVC-B , 273 cadres  turned up during the process of verification of names before forwarding the same to the Government .
However, only 139 names were included under rehabilitation package out of the 273 names.

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