KHADC poised to bypass Govt

EC to send name of nominated member directly to Guv

SHILLONG: In a decision that could further widen the chasm between the State government and the KHADC, the name of a new nominated member will be recommended by the council directly to Governor V. Shanmuganathan for his approval after the adoption of a resolution to this effect during the special session to be held on Monday.
Selection of new nominated MDC was necessitated after the Executive Committee led by KHADC CEM P.N. Syiem declined to re-nominate Gabriel Wahlang who had resigned as MDC to unsuccessfully contest the Nongstoin by poll.
On the eve of the special session, the KHADC chief informed that EC will recommend the name of the new member directly to the Governor for his approval.
According to Syiem, the new name will be finalized only on Monday morning prior to the start of the special session.
“I will decide from among three to four names on Monday morning before the start of the session at 11 AM,” said Syiem who will be tabling the resolution recommending the name of the new nominated member in the House.
Sources said the names doing the rounds include that of a former KHADC Judge, UDP leader Bindo Lanong, three persons proposed by KHNAM including its president, general secretary and Fenela L Nonglait and a prominent supporter of the CEM from Mawsynram.
However, the CEM refused to divulge the name to be selected by him from among the available names.
Asked why the name will not be forwarded to the District Council Affairs department, Syiem said as per the Sixth Schedule, the DCA or the government has no role to play as the matter will be decided by the Governor.
“We are not under the DCA or the State government but under the Sixth Schedule; hence we will recommend the name to the Governor and it is up to him to accept or reject the same,” Syiem asserted.
The CEM’s stand is likely to worsen the stand-off between him and the chief minister who had recently asserted that the State government will take a final decision on the issue of the nominated member of the KHADC.

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