Rally urges State govt to reopen fast track court in WKH

NONGSTOIN: Hundreds of women under the banner of Synjuk ki Seng Longkmie Mawlangsu on Wednesday asked the State government to re-establish the Fast Track Court in West Khasi Hills in order to speed up delivery of justice in cases of crimes against women in the district.
The demand was made during a public rally and public meeting jointly organized by Synjuk ki Seng Longkmie – Mawlangsu and Nongstoin area, the KSU Mawthadraishan Circle and North East Network Shillong to protest against the gruesome murder of Bliantina Lyngkhoi on June 15 at New Mawlangsu.
The rally started from Laishnong community hall and passed through Mawlangsu market before culminating at Laishnong community hall where a public meeting was held and attended by hundreds of people.
The placards displayed during the rally were meant to send a strong message to the government to ensure that ‘women and children remain safe from heinous crimes’ and that no bail is granted to the murder accused Kias Wahlang.
Speaking at the rally, KSU West Khasi Hills Unit president John F. Nongsiang said the district has seen an increase in cases of crimes against women and children compared to other districts in the State.
He also recalled that one day before the incident at New Mawlangsu there was a report that a nine year old girl had been gang raped by four men led by her uncle. Terming the act as inhuman, he demanded a lifetime of jail for the four accused.
Speaking on the issue, Theilin Phanbuh, Chairperson, Meghalaya State Commission for Women, expressed sadness over the gruesome murder of a widow with 8 children at New Mawlangsu.
Phanbuh also said several cases of rape and sexual harassment of women were pending before the district council court and such pending cases encourage the perpetrators to indulge in their inhuman acts.              “It is the right time for the Government to revive all the fast track courts to try rape cases and other crimes against women to tackle against all evils prevalent in the society especially crimes against women and children” Phanbuh said.
“During the maiden visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Shillong, the Commission got an appointment and urged him to revive the fast track courts to which he showed positive intent,” Phanbuh said.
Others who addressed the public included Ainam Dkhar, counselor of NEN, J. Thabah, president, KSU Mawthadraishan Circle, K.K. Swer, joint secretary of Lympung Seng Longkmie Shillong, Acting Syiem of Hima Mariaw, P. Byrsat, president, Seng Longkmie Shillong and members of Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong.

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