CEM irked by UDP move to meet Guv

KHADC affairs on today’s meeting agenda

SHILLONG: KHADC chief executive member P.N Syiem on Wednesday pointed out the irony of the UDP, which is the coalition partner in the district council, in writing to the Governor about council affairs.
The party has decided to meet the Governor on Thursday to discuss KHADC affairs.
UDP leader Bindo Lanong, who is the chairman of the sub-committee on KHADC affairs, had said on Tuesday the party would write to the governor about the various anomalies in the council.
The party was unhappy with the illegal transfer of the council’s money to private bank accounts, especially the one belonging to EC secretary Welljune Syiemlieh.
However, reacting to this, Syiem said on Wednesday, “How can Bindo Lanong, who is the former deputy chief minister and former CEM, go against his own party executive members, PDF coalition, and even against the House.”
According to Syiem, the decision to submit the magisterial inquiry report on the fund transfer for examination by the House Committee was taken by the House where UDP MDCs were also a part and Opposition Leader Mansturdy Nongrem from the Congress was the chairman of the committee.
The KHADC chief executive member said it appears that UDP, which is part of the executive committee, has no faith in the council.
He also pointed out that it is evident from the opposition Congress’s silence on the KHADC affairs that it is using Lanong.
“It would be ideal for the UDP to ask its MDCs to withdraw support before meeting the governor, otherwise it will expose the immaturity of the party,” Syiem said.
On the formation of a political party christened as People’s Democratic Front, the CEM said he was very much with the PDF coalition.
“What can I say if others form a new party,” Syiem added.

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