The myth of revelation
Into the Myth of Life and Death,
Plays the Role of Pathetic doubt;
The wonders of Life with Ceaseless end,
Dogmatically and dolour of dolt,
Drawn out of a dreadful anxiety dream.
Times of tedium with dearly nights,
Glance at night the pole star triggers
Lure by luckless of lunar lull with paranoia,
Open the lid of notorious light…
The art of flawless Mello and Mezzo.
So late yet so the comfort of engrossing life.
Enfeeble of an epidemic that spreads the wide world.
Changing cycle Newsy fill the minds of beings.
Ceaseless ending journey of nocturne…
Sleeps the Dark…
Mark Dajong Sangma
Leaving my nest
No jabbering, no laughter,
No music, no sounds;
Just the stillness, the quietness
Of the room in my warm nest.
I sit in my room by myself,
Preparing to leave
The warmth, the safety of my house
Preparing to leave
The love, joy, happiness that fills each room.
Out in the dangerous world,
For a new adventure of a lifetime;
Out from my comfortable place,
Out from the ever loving arms of family and friends,
To strangers whom I have no knowledge of.
The warm quietness,
The love in every room,
The laughter, the songs,
All I shall leave for awhile.
Naphilakmen Syiemlieh

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