15 Countries where living is cheaper than you think

Pack the luggage! We found 15 dream places where living is cheaper than you thought. Of course, they are not perfect places, but the adventure, the radiant sun and the crystal-clear water are worth it.


They say that in Indonesia you can eat, pray and love. Well, and you can also live comfortably without having to have a lot of money. The prices are quite affordable: you can eat well for less than a dollar, live decently for $ 150 a month, but it is only possible to work via internet since the unemployment rate is very high.


Cambodia is one of the main destinations for travelers with limited budget. There it is also possible to have a decent life for little money.

For example, $ 5 dollars is enough for local fishermen to prepare a crab fish dinner for themselves. Any other type of seafood does not exceed $ 2 dollars per kilo.

So, what is the problem? This is not a desert island full of paradisiacal beaches where you can lie down under an umbrella for hours and hours. Here the beaches are “decorated” by stray dogs and other forest dwellers. The perfect choice of who wants to flee from civilization.


The south western coast of Vietnam is proud to host 11,000 hectares of tropical forest, besides being one of the best places in Asia to practice diving and underwater hunting: very close to the coasts there is a great barrier reef and even in “High season” is possible to enjoy its attractions without the presence of hundreds of tourists.

That’s why living here costs $ 150 to $ 200 per month. Of course, you will have to get used to living closely with the local inhabitants who in many cases do not speak English. On the street, be careful with motorcycles.


Laos is a country located in the south eastern part of Asia, famous for its beautiful mountains, Buddhist monasteries and rafting rubber boats, with stops at cafes and floating bars.

The prices in Laos are quite comfortable: here it is possible to live for $ 9 to $ 20 dollars a day, and eat for $ 1 or $ 5 dollars. Renting a bicycle during the whole day costs $ 10 dollars.


Although this place is very popular with tourists and a little more expensive than other Asian countries, prices in Thailand are not as high as in some countries of America, let alone Europe.

Renting a whole house costs $ 160 to $ 320 per month, and a plate of food ranges from $ 1 to $ 3 dollars. If you want to rent a small motorcycle for a month it will cost between $ 63 and $ 80 dollars. It is worth noting that in the rural areas of Thailand, in the middle of the jungle you can find accommodation for $ 4 per night.


This highly populated country is home to the Taj Mahal, well-known caves, forts, temples and sacred cows. It is also a place that offers very economical possibilities to live. For just $ 100 or $ 110 dollars it is possible to rent an apartment for two people for a whole month.

A plate of hot rice and chicken costs around 40 rupees, that is 60 cents. If hunger strikes and the stomach asks for more, a full dinner costs $ 2 dollar.


The mystic Nepal boasts of being the spiritual center of Asia and the destination of those who wish to meditate and be filled with the unique atmosphere of the place. It is also the course of those who like to contemplate its beautiful mountains, sacred monasteries and ancient pagodas.

Nepal is the heaven of travelers with very limited budget. Food expenses there can be covered with only $ 1. Of course, if you prefer to frequent restaurants it will be a bit more expensive, around $ 8 dollar. Renting a one-room apartment in Kathmandu (the capital) costs $ 1 or $ 2 per day. A trip on public transport in Nepal can cost up to two cents.


China is a country of contrasts, with picturesque rural landscapes and large metropolises filled with people that merge with the natural and wild beauty of the Gobi Desert plains and the northern peak of Mount Everest.

Although China is a fairly large country, it is not very difficult to go from one place to another. Traveling around the country is not as exhausting as in other Asian countries. Taking a taxi in most cities could cost from $ 1. Eating ad nauseam costs, no more than $ 2 dollars in much of the country.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The cheapest countries to live have nothing in common with this nation. Here housing is quite expensive but compared to Switzerland, going on vacation to Bulgaria is very economical. The landscapes have nothing to envy to France and a bottle of beer there is worth only $ 0.80. Renting an apartment costs $ 200 per month.


Nicaragua is a true paradise for travelers with a reduced budget. In this country almost everything is very economical, starting with food and renting a place to live. It is important to understand that although the cost of living is not high, this does not mean that the quality of life is reduced. $ 1000 dollars are enough to rent an apartment, pay for two people’s food and get small luxuries (like going to the movies).


This country full of color and rich culture is also one of the most economical in terms of the cost of living. A one-bedroom apartment can cost from $ 100 per month. With $ 24 to $ 40 dollars is enough to feed a person for a week. Being there, do not miss the excellent coffee.


Honduras is today one of the most desirable tourist destinations because it offers foreigners comfortable prices, beautiful landscapes, good weather, delicious food and romantic places. A good-sized typical plate can cost around $ 3 dollars.


It is clear that it is not a small country and prices can vary widely between regions. For example, in Lima, a city in constant development, prices tend not to be that low. In satellite cities and small towns, it is possible to live in good conditions and in a natural environment and enjoy local attractions for only a few dollars.

Guanajuato, Mexico

n the heart of Mexico there is a beautiful city with a rich culture. It is possible to rent an apartment for $ 150 or $ 200 per month. A beer at an average bar costs less than a dollar. One ticket to the cinema only $ 3 dollars.

This city is recognized by the International Cervantino Festival that has been held since 1972.

Ksamil beach, Albania

At the southern tip of Albania is a perfect place to lead a quiet life. Nearby is the city and the national park Butrinto. Mediterranean climate, among the local fruits can be found olive oil and tangerines. Unlike its neighbors Greece, Italy and even Croatia, here everything is very economical: beer costs 90 cents, and the living does not exceed $ 150 per month.

If it is seafood, enjoy one of the 30 kinds of fish whose price ranges around $ 6 dollars. The wine costs $ 6 dollars per bottle. A true destination to discover.

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