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Defrauded by IndiaPost
We often hear about parcels being received in a damaged condition. However, an incident took place yesterday that was absolutely shocking. I had a parcel arrive from Hong Kong from a well known business that cleared customs and reached my local post office(Laitumkhrah, Shillong. PIN code: 793003). It was handed to me completely empty of its contents.
The evening before, I had received a handwritten note without any seal or stamp from the post office requesting me to come pick up a parcel from the post office stating that it had arrived ‘torn’. When I arrived at the post office last morning, however, I found the parcel not ‘torn’ but it had been opened and emptied of its contents. It weighed 1.78kgs when it left Hong Kong, and now blue ball point pen writing on the box indicated that it weighed only 262 grams.
A gentleman who identified himself as J. K. Shrivastava, informed me that I could either accept or refuse the parcel because perhaps ‘customs officers’ had opened it and removed all the contents, or alluding to the possibility that the seller was a fraud saying that, “these days there are a lot of problems with parcels from Hong Kong”. I refused to accept the parcel.
When I asked the said gentleman if he could put a seal on the unofficial note he refused. When I asked him to accept a complaint he refused to do so also. He insisted that I should forget about the case because sometimes we have to accept a loss in life. Since the postmaster was not available I sent my complaint to her by registered post from Laitumkhrah post office itself.
After talking to other people in my locality it was brought to my notice that several people have suffered this and even worse situations where their parcels never landed up but showed up on tracking as delivered. Some others received their opened parcels empty of their contents. No one has redressed any of their grievances either. What irks me about the whole thing is that we are expected to accept this as a the new age of service where bodies such as these ask us to come pick up parcels rather than deliver them themselves; where complains lead to being rushed pillar to post as if we lived in a failed autocratic state.
By addressing this letter to you I want ask any other people who have suffered similar problems to pursue their case through RTI to find out where such theft is taking place so that whoever is up to such mischief is brought to book. This is what I intend to do if my grievance is not addressed.
Yours etc.,
Jansher A B Nongrum
Shillong -3
Rescheduling of Biology exams!
I am a student of Biology of MBOSE and I am facing a huge obstacle with the 2018 examination schedule for Class XII. We have only one day to cope up with the entire syllabus of Biology which is very vast and it is not possible to do so with a gap of just one day. I therefore request the MBOSE authorities to give us a few more days of gap to enable us to revise our Biology lesson. Since they have rescheduled the Computer exams we too need a similar condonation.
Yours etc.,
Chesterfill Iawphniaw,
Via email
With regard to the declared MBOSE HSSLC SCIENCE routine, I as a student of Biology feel very uneasy with the routine .It’s quite unfair to see that Computer exam has a gap of 5 days whereas there is only 1 day’s gap for Biology. The Biology syllabus is such a vast one that one would not be able to revise it within a day. As the Computer examination is being rescheduled, we request MBOSE to apply the same yardstick to Biology as well to allow us more time for revision. Since both the Biology and Computer students have to compete under the same playing field it will be very difficult for the Biology students to come up at par with the Computer students. From my side, I feel that all students should be treated equally before the Board. I don’t want my younger brothers and sisters to lose their trust in the Board. MBOSE needs to win our trust.
Yours etc.,
Silencegist Sanglyne
Class XII Science student
Via email
Menace of hawkers!
The Jowai Municipal Board had done a commendable job by removing the roadside vendors in Iawmusiang Jowai. An announcement was even made a few months ago regarding their removal. Yet vendors continue to practice roadside vending in spite of the order given by the JMB. Open spaces for vendors to sell their goods are available but as soon as afternoon comes vendors would become a hindrance to the pedestrians and as a result cause congestion from Shyiap market to the market near CNI. Therefore, I urge the authorities concerned to be strict about enforcing the order on hawkers.
Yours etc.,
Omarga Laloo,


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