NGT lists case related to coal mining ban in Meghalaya


SHILLONG: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) recently listed the case relating to ban on coal mining in Meghalaya.

Taiphur Wardkhar from Meghalaya Commercial Truck Owners and Operators Association said that in the previous occasions, some miners from Jaintia Hills and other parts of the state had filed applications claiming that some quantity of coal need to be assessed and transport permission be granted.

The NGT has informed that it has received communication that the issue of transportation of already assessed coal is in seize by the Supreme Court and hence, it will not pass any further order on the matter.

According to Wardkhar, there was a clear cut order from the Supreme Court on November 6 last year which says that the state should install integrated Check-posts and do away with stand-alone weighbridges in the state.  It also directed the chief secretary to be the nodal officer in the matter and take decision accordingly.

“With the policy of the state government to set up integrated check-posts in the state, the transport department does not have the power to issue permission for setting up weighbridges anymore,” he said adding that the previous government, however, by misleading the NGT and concealing facts about the order passed by the Supreme court, the Transport department on various occasions sought permission from the Tribunal to set up weighbridges at various parts of the State.

“The illegal weighbridges set up by the previous government on several occasions was highlighted in the media for all the wrong reasons and this has caused lots of hardships and difficulties to our members. Hence, we are left with no choice but to inform the Tribunal about the illegal act of the previous government in concealing the Supreme Court’s order simply to get the exit route and serve its vested interest,” he added.




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