Use digital space in an effective way: Jemino

SHILLONG: MiVote, an international NGO with its headquarters in Australia organised an international workshop on “Digital Democracy: Redesign 21st Century Democracy on Block Chain and Empowering Community” here on Wednesday. This NGO works in the field of digital democracy.
MP candidate from UDP Jemino Mawthoh, who initiated the workshop, told a section of the press about the use of digital space in a more productive and effective way. The workshop was held at the residence of UDP president and Speaker Donkupar Roy.
“Digital democracy will make people understand the political process and engagement actively. People do not understand policy matters and the representatives also do not listen to the people and there is disconnect between the people at the helm of affairs and the grassroots,” Mawthoh said.
According to him, there is a need for well-informed constituents. The people should know whom to vote and for what purpose. To ensure the people are actively engaged, he said the democratic processes will have to be made more appealing.
Meanwhile, CEO Mivote India, Joydeep Mondal, said it is a movement which talks of digital democracy and it is non-political, non-partisan with no policy stand. He said the people’s policy is MiVote policy.
“MiVote is trying to achieve digital democracy around the world. MiVote is talking about voting on every issue every time so that people have the voice in Parliament and Assembly. With the help of technology we are reaching out to the people and creating a movement to make the political system more transparent and accountable,” he said.
The project’s ultimate purpose is to achieve UN’s sustainable development goal of quality education and peace, justice and strong institution.
MiVote feels that a genuine democracy should be enactment of the will of the informed people. Mivote informs people and asks people to vote on every issue using non-binary questions. It announced that it will work with 26 constituencies across the North-Eastern states of India in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.
In accordance with the MiVote contract, candidates will commit to its candidate requirements, obliging them to the majority will of their constituents on every policy and disallow them from receiving corporate, illicit or vested interest donations for their campaigns.
Mondal, in a press statement later said, “It is an exciting time for MiVote India Chapter. We are happy to have Dr. Jemino along with us in the journey of genuine democracy movement from Shillong.”

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