Delay in issuing health card irks villagers in WJH

SHILLONG: The KSU Mynksan unit, West Jaintia Hills led by its general secretary Garland S Manner, has expressed dissatisfaction on the delay in getting smart cards part of the health coverage scheme at the village.
The KSU said the officials who are responsible for taking the pictures of the people had announced the scheduled date for the process but they failed to complete the task.
The furious members of the unit along with the public have put forward their complaint by stating that the villagers left their respective jobs and came to avail the smart cards but in vain.
On the other hand, the officials dealing with smart cards said that they were unable to complete the process due to low network and other problems relating to electricity. This however is seen by the people as mere excuses to get away with the incomplete work.
Manner further expressed his rage and said that the people responsible for taking pictures should have already checked the network needed for the process and should have brought a generator instead of waiting for the electricity in the village.
Because of this irresponsibility, the people are now facing the consequences of not getting their pictures taken on time and this will further delay the process, said Manner.
The KSU has sought the intervention of higher authorities to immediately resolve the issue.

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