Flesh trade worries child rights chief

SHILLONG: The State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) chairperson Meena Kharkongor has warned that flesh trade in the state is a “dormant volcano”.
The warning comes in the wake of Jowai police recently busting a prostitution racket in Mihmyntdu village, West Jaintia Hills, and rescuing as many as 20 young women and nine minors. In this connection, 10 persons were arrested.
Speaking to The Shillong Times, Kharkongor said children as young as 12 are vulnerable to flesh trade, especially those coming from the rural areas.
She said the sex racket involving minors is thriving across Meghalaya with most driven to it by poverty and some lured to the business for easy money.
The district police recently constituted a Special Investigation Team to investigate the women trafficking case.
Meanwhile, CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing said the demand for young children pose a danger which should be checked adding that even bigwigs are involved.
“I feel the government should take this seriously and go deep. It is not a small incident… it is much bigger and they cannot flush it down because it involves many big and influential people.”
Echoing Kharkongor, she said most of the girls are lured into the flesh trade thinking it is an easy route to make money and they eventually get caught in the web of the sex racket.
“It is thriving in every nook and corner. Yes, it is also about economics which we have to address so that children won’t be exploited,” Kharshiing said.

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