Skylo to beam messages from shadow areas

SHILLONG: For the first time in the country, Skylo, a satellite based application, will be used to get real-time messages from the remote polling stations in Shella.
“We are using the Skylo technology in partnership with BSNL that enables text messages between head quarters and polling parties in all mobile shadow areas”, the chief electoral officer Frederick Kharkongor told The Shillong Times on Sunday. (There are several areas in Shella where BSNL mobile connectivity is poor whereas other service providers are giving better services.
In this context, the Skylo tracks and acts as a bridge of communication in all areas devoid of mobile communication, he said.
“It is satellite based and works on narrowband through INMARSAT and not through broadband”, the official said. INMARSAT (International Maritime Satellite Organisation) is a pioneer and world leader in mobile satellite communications on land, at sea and in the air.
Kharkongor said Skylo keeps the election headquarters in the city informed about the location of polling parties and the messages they send.
In Shella, the Skylo will be mainly used in shadow areas of Umlai, Nongsteng, Nongriat, Tynriang and Mawlatang. The communication will be only through messages and not through WhatsApp as Skylo is using narrowband.

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