Girls deny mistreatment in Tamil Nadu


SHILLONG: After the nine girls who had gone to Tamil Nadu for a training programme denied that they were ill treated as alleged by David Michael Mawlong of Mawkriah in Upper Shillong, the city police on Friday said that both the parties will be summoned to clarify on the matter.
Mawlong, earlier said that the girls were undergoing training at Cotton Blossom PVT LMT Company, in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu
and had gone there after a 54 day-training from the DDU GKY Guwahati at Boragaon.
He said the girls were forced to work under inhumane conditions even when they were ill after which their time off was spent sleeping in bug infested quarters.
However, SP Claudia Lyngwa on Friday said Mawngap police had called the girls who denied about the mistreatment.
The police also spoke to some other girls who are working in the firm and they too denied that they were badly treated in Tamil Nadu.
“Tomorrow (Saturday), we are calling both the parties including the girls and the boy and we will get to the bottom line and find out what is the exact situation,” Lyngwa said.
Earlier, Mawlong had alleged the girls were made to work even when they were having health issues including his niece who got typhoid since November 6.