Invitation to few groups to discuss 125th Amendment Bill fishy: ADE

TURA: The invitation given out by the State Government to discuss the 125th Amendment Bill 2019 from January 18 to 20 to select group of organisations has been criticised by the Association for Democracy and Empowerment (ADE) in Tura which termed the move as fishy and suspicious.

The association reminded the government that the 125th Amendment Bill came into reality after the backdrop of the long and blood shedding armed struggle of the ANVC demanding Greater Garoland and that It was through the collective effort of many NGOs  Church leaders, Peace Forum, Nokma Council and various community leaders that brought the state out of insurgency and the ANVC to come to Peace.

“ADE was and is always part and parcel of any discussion in relation with any socio-cultural issue or conflict of this region with the state or central government from the very beginning. So far ADE has doing its ever best to safeguard the rights of the ethnic people of Meghalaya so that no entity could inflict any damage to our society. But this indiscretion of the State Government in the critical issue of 125th Amendment Bill 2019 clearly shows that there is something fishy as concerned NGOs are totally ignored and neglected and not a single major organization were invited in the discussion except GSU,” its president, Dalseng Bira Ch Momin said.

Momin added that the discussion on 125th Amendment 2029 is a crucial one for the tribal states as it relates with the tribal rights, power distribution of Autonomous Councils of NE Region, land reforms, powers, definition of sixth-schedule of the Indian constitution etc.

“ADE finds it very suspicious and we are compelled to think that there is some foul play in the game. Are there any backdoor policies? Because, ADE was present in each and every discussion in policy making in the interest of the people in the region,” Momin said.

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