Saturday, December 2, 2023

Robbed of power, BJP accuses NPP of cheating


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TURA: An angry BJP, ally of the NPP in both the state and the GHADC, has lashed out over the events that took place in the special session of the council in Tura on Monday wherein the Dipul Marak led EC survived after the chairman decided against taking up the no confidence motion on the grounds the lead petitioner had withdrawn it and submitted an affidavit on January 9th.

The BJP which recently raised it’s tally to nine MDCs after several Congress and Independent members joined the party was a front-runner for the new executive committee.

It was expected to be the first BJP led EC in the history of the GHADC until the NPP stepped in and hijacked the move.

Congress MDC Mettrinson G Momin, who recently won the deputy chairman’s post has also joined the BJP along with former CEM Boston Marak and seven others.

The other MDCs who joined the BJP are Rongram MDC Ismail Marak, Jimbert Goera Sangma, Levastone Sangma, Rightious Sangma, Wenison N Marak and Nripender Koch. The BJP also has Bhupender Hajong in their fold.

“The move by the GHADC chairman to not hold the no confidence motion was totally unconstitutional and absolutely condemnable. Today session ordered by the HC and the SC for a floor test was supposed to take place. It is very unfortunate that the chairman of the GHADC, has adjourned the House without even giving a chance for discussion or even for voting. They have violated the Court order directing the session,” an angry  BJP state president, Ernest Mawrie stated during a press conference in Tura shortly the special session concluded.

The BJP had been optimistic of taking over the new EC in the GHADC and its president had arrived in Tura primarily to oversee the political transition.

“We have the number (nine MDCs). The Chairman should have given us the chance to complete the floor test. We will take further steps regarding this act and inform on the contempt of Court. We will also inform the Governor on the matter,” added Mawrie.

The Chairman of the GHADC, Denang T Sangma, had adjourned the house on the grounds the lead petitioner Boston Marak, who had moved for the no confidence motion (NCM) had withdrawn his name.

“For a NCM to be moved, 8 members are required. However at least 10 members signed the NCM request so my taking my name does not even count. Further I had only done so after the judgment of the HC was passed for a session and that too outside the House, so how can that be an excuse for not holding the special session,” questioned BJP MDC, Boston Marak.

All eyes will now be on the Supreme Court which will next hear the case in April, three months from now.

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